The actions of our company and our employees reflect these SEVEN VALUES. While these values are our collective commitment, each of us will take initiative to apply these values. We hold ourselves as well as others responsible for translating them to action.

Passion for Technology

  • We inspire others with our passion for technology and desire to get our research and development results into our customers’ hands.
  • We are committed to hard work and quality results to achieve our goals.
  • At the same time, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy life and have fun.

Technical Excellence

  • We pursue a complete technical understanding of our work.
  • We follow a consistent data-driven process in analyzing and solving problems, gathering objective information, and acting on it.
  • We take initiative in our own professional development and strive to continuously advance our knowledge and expertise.


  • We give freely of our own ideas and talents even when it is not our official assignment. We do what we can to support the team.
  • We believe that many minds will produce more ideas, and we collaborate in both conceiving and completing projects.
  • We appreciate differences, even when they are challenging to us, and we give credit for contributions made by others.

Clear, Concise, and Considerate Communication

  • In transferring information and knowledge, we are clear, concise, and complete.
  • We do not hide or shrink from important issues. Instead, we get them into the open quickly.
  • We respectfully listen to one another to hear and to improve, not to defend. We speak our minds, and we attack problems, not the people related to the issues.

Sound Judgment

  • We have the courage and tenacity to make wise decisions about technology, business, and priorities despite uncertainties.
  • We think strategically so that we can articulate what we are trying to do and why.
  • We identify root causes to problems and get beyond treating symptoms. We don’t take shortcuts.


  • We stress the search for new and improved proprietary ideas.
  • We give discretionary effort to explore things that interest us and move those forward when appropriate.
  • We strive to strike a balance between practical productive work, and searching for creative breakthroughs.


  • We display the highest ethical and moral standards.
  • We tell the truth as we see it without compromise.
  • We admit mistakes and do so quickly.