About Us

Micro Encoder Inc. (MEI), a wholly owned research and development subsidiary of Mitutoyo Corporation of Japan, was established in 1986 to identify and develop technologies, products, software, and components for Mitutoyo’s precision measurement instruments and systems.MEI developed technology is at the core of many market leading Mitutoyo products, including the Digimatic product line, the new Coolant-Proof line of measurement hand tools, and the Quick Vision line of non-contact vision inspection systems. Revenue of products incorporating MEI-developed technology exceed $100M annually.Our capable team of scientists, engineers, and professionals apply exceptional skills and talents across a broad spectrum of technologies and activities. MEI’s passion for technology and creativity are captured in our slogan “Relentless Innovation.”

MEI is located in Kirkland, Washington, a suburb of Seattle.

Micro Encoder Business Ethics Policy and Codes of Conduct

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